Monday, 17 September 2012

How to juggle a baby and a business for stay at home mums who want to earn

Juggling a baby and a business? Yep. And the rest.
I am currently writing some product labels for a well-known website. I’m also about to start cleaning our shower, thinking about baby snack time and chasing an eleven month old round the half-renovated living room.  I’m thinking about making dinner too  (have just extracted frozen minced beef from freezer) and also that I need to pay our outstanding gas bill before we change suppliers. I’ve just made a makeshift draught excluder from a bed I just took delivery of, because we have a wide open chimney and the temperature has plummeted and me and said baby both have frozen feet. 
I am also updating this blog.
I’m not.  This is my highly (mostly) organised life. This is what I aspired to and this is what I have become. And you know what? Forget moaning about it. The only thing I moan about is how I need more time because there are not enough hours in my day. But I would not change it for the world.
I have a little baby, a business and my husband has an exhausting and demanding job. He is also renovating this house in his spare time. Wow!  So I take care of the vast majority of household tasks whilst trying to grow my business so I can continue to have a viable career and so we have a little more cash coming in.
So how do I juggle a baby, a business and everything else?
1.       Make lists
I plan my day by making a big list over my morning coffee.  I put far more on this list than I can ever achieve in a day, but it drives and keeps me going. The feeling of ticking just one more job of that huge list is amazing. That list gets carried over to the next day, with new important tasks added on.  Nothing leaves the list until it is done and that can sometimes be three weeks later.  I know this against conventional wisdom but you did ask how I do it all. This is how I do it. This way nothing gets missed, nothing falls off into obscurity if I don’t manage to complete it on the allotted day. And I keep going and keep organised.
2.       Priorities
Each week I make sure I set aside one whole day for me and my boy to go out and have fun. He goes to a relative one day per week to be spoiled there, so that day is totally devoted to work. Sunday is always family day and Mondays I tend to give the house a deep clean.  The rest of my hours are organised on an as-need basis.  This means that no one area gets neglected and I can manage the other hours and days to focus on any area that needs more attention than others.  My husband and I also try to go out at least once per month but evening babysitting is a bit of a nightmare so this is quite rare, sadly.
3.       Forget pressure
When my son was born, I was adamant I could do it all. I got into a real state and almost had a breakdown when he was around four months old and had to temporarily shut down all areas of my business and take a break. Seven months later and that is a distant memory. I had put so much pressure on myself and had a little demanding new born to content with too. It was so unhealthy so even if your children are older, never put too much pressure on yourself.  You can only do so much and the key is not to work faster or harder or to do more in less time. It’s to work as smart as you can and be as organised as you can so that tasks in themselves actually take less time. Flylady has been a revelation to me and means I spend only 6 hours per week on one day per week deep cleaning my entire house. A few minutes per day keeps most things in check.


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