Thursday, 6 September 2012

Home Based Business or Employee?

Most people searching for home based work that flow through this site are looking for jobs.  Paid jobs.  Instructions given, salary paid.  Even though they would in most cases be freelance, at the end of the day, they are acting as employees.

And sure. You can make plenty of money working for others if you look in the right place. I do alright writing for various agencies. I join, do a writing test then bag the writing jobs either when they become available or when I have time. I use this method of working when  I have a lull in my regular work as it keeps me ticking over.  However, I am not an employee because I like the greater rewards of actually running my own business.

I go out and find my own work. I create it, in some respects, with clients. I work hard, gain testimonials, file my accounts and go out and find some more work when I need it or when I am approached.  If I wanted, I could be full time with my business. If I had the time. But I have a baby who I want to be a mum too so business has to fit round him.

Whilst this constrains me to some extent, working this way has enable me to build my reputation and whilst I can't charge top prices because I am inflexible, I can charge a great deal more, The best agency I write for pay less than a third of what I command in my own time.

For me, I am a business person. I started out writing for agencies and websites and this is how I broke into the online writing arena but I always had, in the back of my mind, the thought that there was nothing stopping me cutting out the middle man. For some, it's easier to just do the work put in front of them. Others will always wonder how they can go out and grab that work themselves.

So the question I asked at the beginning of this post kind of has no true answer. For me it was home based business. For you it could be employee. There's no right answer and the critical decision factors are different for everyone. Do what feels right for you. Demand for online content and other online services is growing fast, not slowing down. Start out with agencies and content sites if you are not sure. Eventually you'll find your niche and decide how you want to take your new 'career' forward.


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