Saturday, 5 July 2008

Blogging for money

Blogging is one of the most effective ways for ordinary work at homers to earn money through the internet whilst doing something they enjoy (providing you like writing, that is). Perhaps the biggest problem that wannabe bloggers have is in understanding how to monetise their blog and start to generate an income. This entry looks at the most popular and effective ways of making some money from you blog.

If you are an adept web surfer, the chances are that you already know what blogging is all about. If not, here’s a clue, you’re reading one now! If you’re in the know, you may already have your own blog but are looking for ways to start making it earn an income. After all, the hours it takes to build up a good blog and then a good readership deserves some kind of financial return.
So how exactly can you make money at home through a blog? There are several programs available to enable you to earn from blogging. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Affiliate Marketing
Most bloggers who make money at home sign up for affiliate marketing campaigns offered by a large number of online merchants. These merchants are willing to pay you commissions for referrals from clicks originating from your site. Finding a good affiliate merchant, and even more importantly, one that sells goods in keeping with the general theme of your website is extremely important and will be covered in it’s own blog entry soon. There’s nothing worse than visiting a blog filled with adverts that are only marginally relevant to the site content. It makes the reader feel as though they are being ‘sold to’.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising programs
There are now a wide variety of advertising programs available to bloggers. The most common method to make money at home through blog advertising is through Google AdSense, which is based on contextual ads related to your website content. See here for the best PPC advertising programs.

Digital Assets
Digital assets such as eBooks, articles and online courses can now be incorporated into blogs. These can be assets you chare for or assets deisgned to increase traffics and links into your site. If you want to increase your blog’s money making potential, consider coming up with some digital assets to support your blog.

Blog sponsorship
A fairly recent strategy to make money at home through blogging is to get sponsored by a company. Note though that company sponsorship generally involve blogs which are focused mostly on the company's products and services. While some companies request content that is solely supporting their own advertising efforts, some sponsors are satisfied with the addition of the company's name or logo to the blog page. Please note that many companies mostly sponsor high-traffic blogs so content and traffic really is king. Also be aware that there are issues with impartiality which can put off potential readers if your promotion is too obvious.

The downside:
So it all sounds really easy right? Get a free blog, stick a few adverts on and watch the ££££’s roll in? I’m afraid not. As I say repeatedly when I discuss blogging for income or any work from home idea, hard work is absolutely essential. Developing a profit-making blog is a long, slow and careful process. It takes dedication and the key to it is to blog about something that interests you, otherwise your blog will fall by the wayside within months as ideas dry up, traffic doesn’t come and internet money seems like a fairy tale. So many bloggers give up far too early – stick with it, keep on top of latest developments and keep your content up to date and you should start to see you blog making money.

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