Monday, 6 July 2009

The Top 4 Cash Back Sites

These are my all time favourite cash back sites. I'm a member of each of them and have been paid from all of them too.

Greasy Palm - Greasy Palm are one of my favourites simply because their tracker works on top form, so you never lose out on any cashback and never have to raise a query wth them. I also got £70 back for changing my energy supplier, both saving money on my electricity and earning almost what I use in a year in electricity back. You can't lose and there's no subscription fee. Plus, you get £7 every time you refer a friend and £2.50 just for joining up!

Money Back Madness - Sounds cheesy, but is actually my favourite site. You get £10 just for joining up, plus £5 for every friend you refer, meaning there are no joining or subscription fees.

Fat Cheese - Offer 100% cashback, which unlike most other cashback sites mean you get the full value of your cashback from the site you shop or click at instead of sharing the revenue with the site itself. You also get £5 for every friend you refer to the site. The subscription fee is £5, but this is taken from your earnings so you do not have to pay this if you never earn it.

quanti - again, 100% cashback but this one has the added bonus that they affiliated with Amazon (cashback @ 5.25%) so if you do a lot of shopping through Amazon especially, this is for you. There are no joining or subscription fees for quanti.

Join GreasyPalm - the site that PAYS YOU to shop!

Hidden profit - the best cashback sites

I went through a phase of joining lots of cashback sites about 6 months ago. I spent some of my free time doing the daily clocks and earning pennies, which really didn't get me very far. However I am starting to make good money by checking my sites before I buy anything that I would normally buy on the internet.

The nice thing about this unexpected income is that I didn't have to expend any effort to get it. Thus far, in six months and without really trying, I have earned over £300 on things I would have paid for anyway. That's not a bad return for no effort and no outlay and is a massive discount on the things I did buy.

Join - Earn FREE MoneyBack on your Shopping!

Now, don't go thinking it's all high-end items like TV's and stuff either. I've been earning £££'s for car insurance quotes, joining the National Lottery (which has been a life saver as we always forget to put it on), opening a savings acocunt and other everyday things that I needed to do anyway. The good news about the Lottery is that, as we don't foget to put it on anymore as it's all done online, we have won 4 x £10 and last week won £71!!!!

Cashback sites won't pay your mortgage and bills but it is a fantastic way of adding to your current income and an added bonus where you would have spent the dosh anyway. And don't forget, you don't even have to spend to earn as all sites offer free daily clicks which build up a decent little pot over time.

See the next post for my top 4 cashback sites. There are loads of them, but these are tried, tested and paid up.

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