As we've just picked up where we left off a couple of years ago, it's going to take some time to populate this page with opportunities.  We do have a few up our sleeve to get you started. Here are a few sites I use to gap fill in freelance writing when I'm having a slow week or need a break from hard writing slog.

Vivatic are amazing and I earn a considerable extra salary from them when work is available. I predominantly write for them but in order to qualify as a writer, you need to take the writing test. Sadly the writing test in only available periodically and the standards are high, however, whilst you're waiting for the test you can also join up and complete regular surveys. Many forumites I know make a fair amount form Vivatic doing the surveys alone, so there are two opportunities in one place! If you do manage to pass the writing test it is a fantastic way to flex those writing muscles and give you a good grounding in whar internet copywriting is all about. Join Vivatic

I have been working for Clickworker for a short time now but I can honestly say I'm probably going to stay. The pay is low per job, but the better you are, the faster you can complete the jobs and the more money you can make. The majority of the work I undertake on Clickworker is text creation. This is pretty much product pages for well know UK and international companies. Other jobs are proffreading, translation, data checking and others that I haven't yet discovered. These are great jobs to add onto your portfolio if, like me, you generate income from a large range of streams, from passive and residual to active working.  I can fit these in between my main writing projects and on an evening when I'm too tired to write reams of pages for my regular business clients.  This is fantastic formulaic work from which you can generate a nice stream of extra monthly income.
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